24 January 2005

Full Circle!

I came across the following image while reading a forum. It reminded me of the Mozilla stomps IE incident that happened on IE4.0 release in Oct.'97. Although IE still maintains a clear lead in the size of its user base, Mozilla/Firefox and friends are getting a bite out of IE's share slowly.

22 January 2005

Musique de Paris!

I just discovered this shoutcast channel. Its straight from Paris with all commentary in French and music is all Indian (the last few songs were Punjabi :) ). I'm sure one of my friends will be happy that this will help improve my French.

20 January 2005


Thats why I didn't switch on the TV today.

19 January 2005

12 January 2005

Amrish Puri is no more :(

Just read the news that Amrish Puri(June 22, 1932 - January 12, 2005) died at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai on Wednesday morning following brain haemorrhage. His passing away has left a big hole in the Indian film industry, which will be hard to fulfill. He gave a great performance in his recent movie Hulchul. Anyone who has heard his voice would rate him with the best there are.

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WoW :O)

These stars are HUGE. No wonder they are called "Red GIANTS". Our good'ol Sun would look like a mouse in front of an elephant. Wonder how much stuff in the universe is still unknown to Man!