11 February 2006

growisofs & xscreensaver

It is very annoying when xscreensaver jumps in after 5minutes of non-usage of the PC when I'm writing a DVD. Usually the DVD drive takes around 10-12minutes to write a full DVD. During that time I prefer not to do any memory or CPU intensive tasks for the DVD process to continue uninterrupted. However, the xscreensaver just jumps in after 5 mintues of idle time and sometimes the screen saver uses a whopping 80% to 90% CPU which just kills the buffer and the write speed of the DVD writer. I just saw it do down from 12.1x to 0.6x in under a couple of seconds!

Wouldn't it be great that either growisofs or xscreensaver knew that a CD is being written and that the screen saver shouldn't avctivate now. I haven't used KDE in a while but it would be interesting to know if k3b can stop the screen saver while writing CDs/DVDs. I know that while I'm watching a video in full-screen mode, xine doesn't allow the screen saver to jutt in. Can't CD/DVD burning applications have that feature too?