25 May 2007

Addon of the Week

In an effort to increase the awareness of Firefox Addons, Addon of the Week has been started. There are already a couple of addons featured on AOTW. Initial plans are to have one addon of the week featured on AOTW. Smaller addons can be featured in between the regular AOTW publishing cycle. If anyone wants to write an article for AOTW, signup there and leave a comment.

16 May 2007

Google changes search interface?

Google changed its interface? The new look is only on the google.com site for now. The .ca, .fr, .co.uk, etc. are the usual blue bands. Update: The new interface is due to their combining of various search types they had e.g. web, images, news, etc. They are also supporting a toolbar at the top for various services.

Its so polished that it looks too shiny to me. The shiny bar gives a very Web2.0 feel than the earlier more pleasing colours. Blue band felt plain and simple.

1 May 2007

Digg makes HD DVD key famous

Digg did something they probably thought would be a one time thing and removed some story someone submitted on their system. But hey, they kind of forgot that Digg is basically a site which is powered by user submitted content. And after a while they have every chicken raising its head and speaking out some weird number in decimal, hexadecimal, binary, and other formats. The topic has become so popular on Digg that 8 of their Top 10 in Technology stories are about the hot topic. The other two are about Joost and the beautiful Posh Suicide. Screen capture added for your convenience. Update: While writing the post, Joost and dear Posh's stories have fallen from 5th and 6th to 7th and 8th position respectively. Update2: Withing half an hour after writing this post, all top 10 are about the same topic! New screen capture added.

So what I can gather from this is that Digg itself is making the HD DVD key famous. So much for taking out a story due to what ever reasons they had for doing that!

Update: Whole of front page is full of stories about the newly famous hex combination. The whole thing has snow balled into stories with header like Jesus has "the key",Digg deleted my hard drive for posting the HD-DVD KEY!, and the most hilarious one is Secret Code To Remove Lara Craft's Clothes in Tomb Radier Legends!. Very ingenious titles to get user's attention.


Is this is prime number? Looks like one.


Just a simple string ;)

Update: this story was dugg more than 180 times and now has been axed off Digg system!! Didn't last for even a couple of hours on Digg.

Debian on MacBook Pro - Docs

The first draft of the procedure for installing Debian on a USB disk connected to a MacBook Pro is up. You can find it here. Leave a comment for improvements and pointers.

I haven't had the time to setup the hardware e.g. mousepad, wireless, backlight, etc. to work in Debian yet. But that information can easily be found on wiki.d.o. The page will be updated as I try the tricks.