29 June 2005

Nvu 1.0 Final

Nvu 1.0 Final is available. For downloading and the changelog go nvu.com or official mirror.

Additional Changelog:

  • Linux: selecting text with mouse copies it to clipboard, and middle-click pastes

Additional Enhancement:

  • Clicking "Help" button in dialog boxes like Image Properties, Table Properties, etc. opens Help at corresponding section instead of default page.

Quirks: Help window toolbar does not contain the Copy button by default. To view it, right-click on toolbar, click on "Customize...", drag the Copy button to the toolbar, and close the customize dialog box.

28 June 2005

I Love Wine

Oh, so wonderful wine. No its not the red or white wine ;). I love this Wine. I was able to setup and run a couple of windows applications using Wine in Linux. It is a wonderful application and has freed me from rebooting into Windows to do some tasks. My machine will hardly have to process M$ code again. Yippeeee!!!

More on the process of installing, and setting up Wine on Debian soon...

27 June 2005

Gmail grrrr.......

I was trying to send an email through my gmail account and it said that there was some error and I should try again after a while. I did try again about 3 times in the next half hour and got the same error. I cancelled the message and went in to my inbox. And I see that the discussion that I was trying to reply to, had 4 extra messages!

Gmail, you should either work or not work. It should not be that you tell the users that there is an error and still send the emails, GRRRRRRRR......

26 June 2005

Which Linux are you?

A very nice post about proposed splash screens for different Linux distributions. I think that those could work pretty good for the "Which Linux are you?" like questions generally popping up on blog posts.

PS: The Ubuntu Linux desktop will be pretty nice to have on my desktop ;)

25 June 2005

US-pronounciation!! Yiiiikes

The "Monkey Faced" idiot doesn't even know how to pronounce the Iraqi Prime Minister's name.

It is Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and not Ibrahim al-Jafaari.

23 June 2005

Nvu T-Shirt

Today, I got a nice surprise in the mailbox. It was a package from "Republique Francaise". I was a little confused as I wasn't expecting anything that big in the mailbox. Curiously, I opened the package, saw something black in color and another quite familiar thing embroidered on it! All confusion was immediately cleared, just like a clear summer night.

The package contained a black Nvu T-shirt, that glazou had promised to select people. Thanks, glazou. It arrived just in time for the Nvu 1.0 release next week. Anyone up for a release party in Montreal?

Yeah, the package delivery has changed my preception of postage in Europe. Unlike my other packages sent to Europe, this one was posted from Saint Germain en Laye on 21st June 2005, and I got it on 23rd June 2005. Wow! That is fast.

PS: I will post the image of the T-shirt soon...

16 June 2005

Phone messages

This is for my dear friend who has left me two messages on my phone and I haven't replied back:

I'm alive, and (90%) well. Sorry for not replying back earlier. I got back from London on Monday the 6th of June(but the mosquito marks are still there!). I know I still owe you a coffee and snacks.

PS: And you thought that you are the one who delays plans the most!

Batman Begins....

Finally got to see a good movie recently. And luckily I got the tickets for the IMAX version of it. I couldn't find any show in IMAX online, so I just went down to Paramount to get which ever ticket was available for a late show. Out of curiosity I asked the ticketing lady if there was a show for Batman Begins in IMAX. She said yes, but the one for 18:45hrs was too busy and that I should try the 22:00hrs one.

Got the tickets for the IMAX show @22:00hrs. and came in early at 21:00hrs because I didn't tell anyone that I finally got the IMAX tickets ;). We were lucky to get there a whole hour before the show started as the line was already about 25meters long.

Enjoyed the show. It was a good one for a Batman movies except the extra fast close-up fight scenes and the first car chase in the city. Overall I would rate it 9.0/10.0. Highly recommendable for anyone (except for underage kids).

10 June 2005

Changing Styles

Check out the cool new style of Linuxchix Live. Pretty vibrant than the earlier simple style. The Hackergotchi is also a good take for the new style, it gives the page a more humane look. Good work whoever did that.

6 June 2005

Sarge is out

At last, after about 3years of constant developement Debian GNU/Linux release 3.1 codename "sarge" is out. Read the news release.