31 May 2006

Smoking in public enclosed places ends on 30th May 2006 in Quebec.....well the ban is already in effect for the last 70 minutes. Quebec will be a clean province now. Come, now its "Yours to Discover" ;)

26 May 2006

Apple comes to rescue

Even though electronic devices have 110-240V chargers to work all over the world, the problem of different socket standards in different continents still remains. I got a taste of this at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam and was glad that Apple came my rescue.

My Canon G5 digital camera was indicating low battery so I thought I better charge it before I plan anything for my 11hr wait for my connection. I found power sockets at and near the communication center and took out the charger for my camera. It was then I noticed that the plug for charger's cord was a polarized one(Type A new) and the adapter I had (North American Type A -> European Type F) wouldn't take it in. The adapter was only built for a non-polarized plug(Type A old).

I thought about it for a while and then realized that my MacBook Pro's charger has a detachable plug. The detachable plug is not polarized and it easily fit the adapter plug. The charger for the camera was connected to the adapter+plug by eliminating the power cord! So thanks to Apple for coming to my Canon G5's rescue.