11 August 2013

Why Newegg has turned into Blackegg?

Newegg's packages that I have received have phrases as "May Contain Awesome", and "Go Ahead and Review me" and a tag line "Take it from a Geek" as the website cites itself as the online place where computer hobbyists get their components from at great prices. They stepped into Canadian waters in late 2008 with their site Newegg.ca. A lot of people were happy to be able to get good prices that their friends were getting south of the border e.g. this. Many-a-times the deals were the best anyone could get from other online retailers in Canada. However, over time the deals have become "cold" as many would say. I have noticed that pattern even in their ShellShocker deals. The latest example is the ShellShocker Soul by Ludacris SL49C earphones. They are listed in the deal for $58.31 and free shipping (with original price as $103.31). That looks like almost half the price. But if you go over to the Newegg.com site, the same product is priced $39.99 and free shipping and the original price being $69.99!

Neither the original price are anywhere representative of the CAD/USD conversion nor does the deal price look attractive when considering that the same product goes for even less without Shell Shocker south of the border!

In general, either the ShellShocker discounts are not significant enough or they are on stuff that one doesn't care for much. Where did the original Newegg idea of special prices for great stuff go? We don't want the Blackegg, we need the Newegg back.