21 April 2008

Canadiens Win

I confess that I don't even know the basics of Ice Hockey and just today came to know that a game consists of 3 periods at least. However, I do know for a fact that the Canadien Habs won the Easter Conference quarterfinals series tonight because their fans are honking and making all kids of noises sine the last 45minutes. Fans in cars are honking, fans on foot are shouting and drinking and all traffic is almost at a halt on St. Catharine and De La Montaigne.

Good Luck to them for the semis.

5 April 2008

Massa and Kubica

The Bahrain Grand Prix is today and Kubica is up front on pole for the first time. Massa, who unfortunately hasn't scored a point this season, is second and has another chance to prove himself. A very interesting grid for Bahrain. Hoping for an entertaining race.

Update: Woohooooo .... Massa won in Bahrain again. It was an entertaining race as I read the news report. The title hunt is getting interesting with Kimi Räikkönen leading the points tally and Kubica and Massa being good challengers to Kimi and Hamilton. The BMWs are going to be an important force this season.