29 December 2005

Best Wishes...

Couldn't get you on phone, so I thought I should document my "fecilitation" for your day. Happy anniversay Pinder and Simi. May you have a wonderful new year and enjoy the best of everything. Hugs and kisses....

26 December 2005

Christmas Weekend

The last weekend, Christmas weekend, was the weekend of the year when you didn't have a problem finding parking spots in downtown around the place you want to go. Otherwise one usually has to drive around for about half an hour to find a parking spot on the street and it is usually far away from the place you want to go!

That was just magic...

24 December 2005

Opera - 1

Hmmmm.....just noticed that the "News Clips" feature in Gmail does not work in Opera. Not that I use the feature that often, but if it is not present, something looks amiss on the page. Google, make it work fast with Opera too.

19 December 2005

IE & Firefox

While browsing the net I saw this rather interesting image. The text written besides it said "changing relationships" ;)

18 December 2005

Christmas Pics.....:(

I was ready with the first 15 pictures of christmas lightings today and by mistake I uploaded the full versions to flickr. Just uploading 5 pictures used up 90% of my allocated free bandwidth :(.

Now I have the following choices:

  1. upload very small versions so as not to cross my monthly bandwidth.
  2. upload tiny versions to blogger instead, with only one size and without flickr features
  3. wait till Jan ....... no I can't do that.
  4. ....or I can pray someone gifts me $25 for a pro membership on flickr ;)

Thinking about what to do now. Suggestions welcome.

3 December 2005

Christmas Decorations

I will be doing a series of pictures of various decorations we have around here during the Christmas season. I was going to start on 1st of December, but could not due to some technical glitches. The ones till 3rd Dec should be coming up in the morning and after that it will be a regular feature till year end.

I hope viewers enjoy it.