23 June 2005

Nvu T-Shirt

Today, I got a nice surprise in the mailbox. It was a package from "Republique Francaise". I was a little confused as I wasn't expecting anything that big in the mailbox. Curiously, I opened the package, saw something black in color and another quite familiar thing embroidered on it! All confusion was immediately cleared, just like a clear summer night.

The package contained a black Nvu T-shirt, that glazou had promised to select people. Thanks, glazou. It arrived just in time for the Nvu 1.0 release next week. Anyone up for a release party in Montreal?

Yeah, the package delivery has changed my preception of postage in Europe. Unlike my other packages sent to Europe, this one was posted from Saint Germain en Laye on 21st June 2005, and I got it on 23rd June 2005. Wow! That is fast.

PS: I will post the image of the T-shirt soon...


marine_haizhen said...

why didn't you order one for me too?? :(
i want to see you wearing it!!!
i know in France they are efficient!!!hihihi ... btw, it's Republique Francaise! Vive la France, cocorico!!!!

KDS said...

hihihi.....it was gift. I didn't know one can order gifts! Anyway, wanna take mine :)