5 August 2004

Quizzes in the US.....Duhh!!

There is a new series called "Studio 7" being shown on www.thewb.com. There are 7 candidates who answer a few questions relating general knowldege and current events mainly in the US. The winner takes home $77,000.

An indication of the level of the candidates* can easily be judged by the following question and the corresponding answer by on candidate.
Q- Who was the 2003 Nobel peace prize winner who was a social worker in India and came a step closer to sainthood after being beatified by the Pope?
A- Queen Noor!!!!

Give me a break.

-For future candidates of "Studio 7", go to an IAS coaching center in New Delhi.

* = (3,1) at Studio7 website


PSB said...

If one wants the money badly enough, then no need to keep Studio7 even as one of the options; IAS coaching from Delhi can open more avenues for the $ figures.. may be with more zeroes :) all the while doing nothing but putting signatures where one should not.
Who was this queen noor anyway? (or has the name been shortened?)

KDS said...