10 September 2004

Back online....

Finally, I'm fully back online. For those who are still wondering what happened:

I couldn't browse several sites for the last week and the audio was gone too. I tried solving the problems for a couple of days, but was unlucky. Finally, it all started with me working into the wee hours to "clean" someone's Windoze machine and the very next day I was able to solve the audio problem on my Linux box too. The "Timed Out" error for several sites too long but I was satisfied to get to the root of the problem. I guess this is what happens when you stay on the burning edge with Debian Unstable.

My next small project will be tinkering with Gmail, will post if successful. And did I forget to tell that I have 4 spare Gmail invites!! Drop me a comment with unobfuscated email address if you want an invite.

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