31 October 2004

Gmail in ICEWm sucks

This is the first time I used gmail while logged on with ICEWm window manager. While composing a message even pressing a space bar gives a spike touching 100% processor usage!!

Could it be the Javascript which is playing spoilsport? Even backspace is working as if the machine has had half a dozen Buds! Even my Pentium133MHz old box works faster than this.

For the record: blogger also crashes if I use the gui button for adding html links (irrespective of which window manager I use).


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with IceWM but with your unability to set your computer up properly.

KDS said...

Yes, that could be possible and its also quite likely that I have solved the problem. However, rather than complaining cluelessly about my abilities, it would be very helpful for you if you take a few English classes for correcting your spelling mistakes.