24 March 2005

Wierd webserver stats!

Of the last few months I have been running the webserver on my machine, the stats have been more or less acceptable. Either they jumped because of my own testing or something I put there. But today I noticed that browser stats for the webserver are totally gone crazy and I don't know how to explain the behaviour!

Dec 2004Jan 2005Feb 20051-24 Mar 2005
Internet Explorer6.5%8.6%12%13%

Notice the jump in the hits by users using a Netscape client in the month of March2005! That is phenomenal. Although there was jump in Jan2005 for Mozilla too, but that was due to something I was testing and forgot to turn off logging my own hits :(.

The only plausible reason that I can think of for the Netscape browser hits surge is Netscape 8.0Beta. Such a huge increase in the number of hits would be most probably due to old Netscape users upgrading to the latest offering. I can't figure out anything else which can explain the behaviour. Can anyone suggest some?

Whatever be the reason, the ultimate result is that there are more number of users using Mozilla based browsers than 4months ago. And that number is rising pretty fast.

PS: All the stuff on my webserver is related to Mozilla development or Firefox Intro, hence number of IE hits are so low.

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