22 August 2005

CSS builder preview & new CaScadeS

After Nvu's 1.0 release a few weeks back, now it looks like CaScadeS, the Nvu CSS editor, (original project website) development is picking up steam. Daniel announced on his blog about future CaScadeS release and new features to be expected.

New features proposed for the next version of CaScadeS are:

  • non-modal: that would be helpful to people who want to keep the CSS editor open all the time while editing their web page.
  • simpler and smaller UI: A definite yes for that as Nvu's target audience are the masses rather than professional web developers.
  • cancelable changes: didn't really feel the need for that as one can delete the selector, or remove specific declarations.
  • -moz-* declarations: Wow! That would be fun when designing for Gecko based browsers or even editing Nvu Help ;)
  • sidebar: having the present style sheet in the sidebar would be convenient. But does that mean with the editor being non-modal and also as a sidebar, we can have some kind of detachable/dockable CSS editor with Nvu? If yes, that would be a FIRST!
  • Links to CSS reference: Ah ha! We had the similar thing in mind a few months ago for an HTML reference sidebar in Nvu Help docs. But it was never plugged into the official Help. Will this give us the final push? Maybe.....

For the curious ones: check out the selector builder (Gecko based browsers only) xul application already implemented. Selector builder helps users to create selectors for their style rules using an intuitive GUI. Although some of the selectors are not even implemented in non-modern browsers, selector builder will increase the comprehensiveness of number of CSS2.1 selectors being available to the user through the GUI.

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