25 October 2005

Install Google!

I was setting up a computer account for a new hire today and she requested me two things. The first one was to remove that Word icon from desktop and the second one was to install Google! A bit surprised, I asked her to explain what she meant by "install Google". She said "Well I use google a lot and I don't want to type in the web site address every time I want to use it."

With then I understood what she meant. She wanted me to install the Google Toolbar in IE(yuck) for her. I told her that we used a new browser and google comes in it. She could just type in her search query and the results will be displayed in the window. She was a bit surprised watching me do it, and then I also did a demo similar yahoo, and amazon searches. In the end she seemed to be pretty satisfied.

But "install google", that seems to be a really vague term taking into consideration all the things google is doing or planning to do!


marine_haizhen said...

i think it's scary! Google is planning to take over the world! so we should start uninstalling google soon, hahhaha

KDS said...

Indeed they are taking over the world! Check out these links: their open source initiative, their data base service, books scanning, Google Wallet, and who knows what else ;)

pssst: be careful even the blogger is owned by the ;)