24 November 2005

Yahoo! Mail Search Bug?

I was searching my Yahoo! Mail(tm) yesterday and got a surprise as search results. Before that I want to get it in records that the search feature of yahoo mail sucks! It takes a lot of time to get back the results unlike the popular Gmail.

Back to Yahoo! Mail search results. I did a search for a string in my inbox for some messages in the last month. The results yahoo gave me looked foreign to me (see image above). On closer inspection none of the emails listed in the results belonged to me! Out of curiosity, I did another search and got the results I wanted. Attempts to recreate the original problem did not give me results from other users though. But the possibility of the mixup happening during search of yahoo mail indicates that they have a bug in their search system(atleast). I hope the performance is much better with their new email-client like interface they are developing.


Anonymous said...

I have other problem with Yahoo! mail search engine. No matter what is the string I used, - I never get results older than October 24, 2006. I have more than 8000 e-mails, starting on 2003. I contacted Yahoo in any possible means. Using e-mails, - they ignored me, and by paying them 24.99 dollars they told me they can not fix it... so they said they will give my money back...

KDS said...

The Oct 24, 2006 thing is weird. I thought it was the free thing, but you aren't getting things done even after paying them. That sucks.

Since the post, Yahoo! Mail has moved to the new interface and quite possibly they have had changes in the search functionality too. This adds to the list of annoyances/bugs for Yahoo! Mail. Too bad users can't see a list of bugs for it as one can for OSS projects.

I have found gmail's search functionality much better. And in case you want full control, you can always use an email client (e.g. Thunderbird) and get yahoo's mail into it.