13 February 2007

-20°C and Fire

A fire happen to break out in the adjacent block. The fire fighters spent hours trying to contain the fire. No one died but there were a couple of shops/restaurants that were completely brought to rubbles and the adjacent restaurants and businesses were damaged by water/fire.

I was amazed to see the fire fighters out there with a temperature of around -20°C (would be even lower if you consider the windchill factor). My fingers were actually freezing while holding the camera and I had to put my hands in my pockets after every few pictures. Below you can see a few of the images which catch they eye and depict the extent of the fire and hard work by the firemen.

Smoke Column
Doesn't that look like a staircase?

Fighting Fire
Brave firemen fighting the fire

Fire Ice and Man
Fire on back of the building and ice on the front! Isn't that an antithetical situation?

More pictures here.

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