1 March 2007

Blogger Login

Blogger, oh blogger. Please give us a better login page so that users don't have to to click twice just to bring the cursor to the username field. And it is worse for those like me who try to keep the use of the mouse to a bare minimum. To be able to get to the username field, I have to invoke the Find function of the browser to find the "New Blogger" link and then use the Tab button 3 times to get to the username field. If you want any ideas on how to make a login page, please check out Yahoo! Mail or even your own Google Mail where the caret lands in the username field automatically after the page loads!!

1 comment:

nucleusfermi said...

Hey friend! Namastey,
You've built your blog with a very fine, eyecatching layout, congratulations over that.
Keep writing, Devashish Mishra "nucleusfermi".