10 February 2008

Adblock Plus and BBC

Adblock Plus has been efficiently blocking advertisements for me in Iceweasel (Firefox). But it was today that I noticed that the ABP icon was green while reading news items on BBC. It wasn't blocking the advertisements on BBC pages. On further checking I found out that ABP has whitelisted BBC! That is what was causing the adverts to appear.

A simple disabling of the whitelist entry for bbc returned the page to its clean form. What would we do without ABP?

Update: As Wladimir pointed out, the filter list was automatically updated to solve the above quirk. So if you happen to see those adverts, update your filter.


Wladimir Palant said...

I was told that this whitelisting rule was added to EasyList to solve some problem - but was removed shortly thereafter. So simply updating your filter subscriptions will do.

KDS said...

Merci Wladimir. I posted about the problem a little too soon. After reading your comment, I checked the filter list and indeed the offending rule had gone. The filter had updated a few hours after I posted the solution.

PS: updating post.

Anonymous said...

I had to disable Adbloc on bbc as it was messing up the encoding. That might be a possible reason.

Surprizingly, I was not able to find any bug reported on that.

KDS said...

^^^ because the problem was solved by updating the filter list. Wladimir reminded me to update the filter list and his suggestion solved the problem