7 October 2008

MSI GForce 8600GTS - Noise

The past weekend I said it was enough and took apart my PC to clean it up as it was making too much noise. Cleaning it up did make a difference as usual, but the noise was still a lot. So I started testing it by disconnecting all fans and powering them one at a time. Guess who was the culprit.... it was the Nvidia based MSI GForce 6800GTS PCI-E video card's cooling fan. I got this card for about $100 less than 6months ago and it is already driving me nuts with its fan noise. I don't even use the Nvidia card for high end graphics that it would heat up and needs the fan to run at high speeds. I'm already leaning towards buy an ATI card to replace the Nvidia card. Both of them work quite well with Linux with open source drivers if you don't play high end games like me.

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