10 November 2008

Art Quilts XIII: Lucky Break

For those who love Debian or other open source projects: Chandler Center for Arts is hosting an exhibition titled Art Quilts XIII: Lucky Break. The highlight for the Debian or open source community is the "Debian" quilt made by Thelma Smith promoting Debian/GNU Linux and open source software in general.

Below is a glimpse of the unfinished quilt along with wonderful detail of the artwork in the close up. More than 2years of hard work has gone into realizing the quilt. The quilt is NFS but if anyone is interested they can contact Thelma for commissioning another or maybe one with a bunch of people holding hands in a cirle ;). Dimensions of this quilt are approx. 6'x4'.

Debian Quilt - Unfinished

Debian Quilt - Detail

For those of you interested in Debian and art (or just open source); the exhibition runs from 7th Nov. 2008 to 31st Nov 2008. Admission is FREE.

Chandler Center for the Arts
250 N. Arizona Ave.
Chandler, 85225

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