29 May 2016

Extending LVM volume

An LVM setup on a physical disk helps to increase the logical volume size in case it is almost full. Steps to be able to extend a logical volume, when there is free space on the physical volume:

  1. Unmount the volume
  2. Check if there is free space on physical volume (if no, need to add physical volume and extend group first)
  3. Extend logical volume using $> sudo lvextend -L+10G /dev/gp02/virtual
  4. Run fsck on logical volume: $> sudo e2fsck -f /dev/gp02/virtual
  5. Extend the file system on the logical volume: $> sudo resize2fs /dev/gp02/virtual
  6. Mount the logical volume: $> sudo mount -t auto /dev/gp02/virtual /virtual
/dev/gp02/virtual - is the logical volume
-L+10G - adds 10 GiB to the logical volume

In case there is no free space left on the physical volume, one needs to add a new physical volume to the group and then extend the logical volume.

LVM HowTo [tldp.org]
Debian LVM [debian.org]
Working with LVM [debian-administration.org]

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