7 April 2005

Je me souviens

I'm very happy that I still remember how to use the soldering iron. The last time I used it was in year 2000. Yesterday, I noticed that my headphones were not working well as the sound in the right side was erratic. I opened them up and tried to locate where the fault was. After about an hour of testing, I noticed that there was something wrong right where the wires enter one side of the headphones. I could hear the sound on both sides if the wire was bent at a particular angle.

I decided to remove the defective part of the wire and make new connections. I cut the extra part and used the soldering iron to connect the wires to the speakers and tested the phones which worked perfectly. The headphones are now as good as new, I saved around $50(cost for new) and refreshed my skills of using the soldering iron*.

* - Using the soldering iron is a skill, without it you end up with dry solder connections most of the time.


marine_haizhen said...

hey, maybe you just have a good soldering iron?! (^-^) hahahaha

jenna said...

Great work on your blog - it was very enlightening. You've got a lot of useful info on there about soldering so I've bookmarked your site so I don't lose it. I'm doing a lot of research on soldering exposed and have just started a new blog - I'd really appreciate your comments