18 May 2005


I have a friend with whom I usually talk via an IM service or via email. Today when I was online, she suddenly came and sent me an IM with the text, "Problem!!". I wondered what problem she was having. On asking she told me that she had removed Firefox's access of internet from Norton's personal firewall just before upgrading to 1.0.4. She could not use Firefox for browsing the internet as it is blocked and was stuck with IE and "I was so used to firefox that I don't want to use IE:-(".

It just proves that Firefox is actually a better product than IE now. It also indicates that Firefox is more user friendly than IE as users don't like to go back to IE if Firefox is not available for a while. By now I mean the present version of IE, as IE7 could be a different game although they will have to work hard on it.

Anyway, I instructed her how to get Firefox internet access through the (crappy) Norton Firewall (I never liked its interface as its not that user friendly). When Firefox was able to access internet, she as happy as ever. Happy browsing NN.

Another Firefox user solidly secured!

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