12 May 2005

Gmail & Konqueror

Yesterday, I had to boot a system with a Knoppix 3.8 Live CD for salvaging some data(more on that later...). While waiting for the data copying process, I thought about checking my e-mail. Logged into Gmail, and noticed that something was amiss.

Then I realised that it wasn't the normal interface. Gmail was being rendered in the HTML mode as opposed to the javascript hungry default mode. Apparently, Gmail does not support Konqueror and hence falls back on the HTML interface. Knoppix uses KDE as their default desktop and fires-up a Konqueror welcome page after loading the desktop.

I wonder why they wouldn't suppport Knoqueror. Afterall, it is a modern browser with close to full CSS 2.1 support!

PS: I still have several gmail invites rotting in my account. If you still don't have an account and would want one, leave a comment with your email address.


Anonymous said...

They used to allow you to log in to the javascript gmail even with konqueror. Unfortunately, konquerors javascript was broken enough to cause serious problems. I guess they got fed up of complaints like this, so now they don't even give you the option.

KDS said...

I can live with Gmail on Gecko based browsers as they work fine with it. I didn't know that something like javascript could be broken in Konqueror!

Anyway, thanks for the information. I think most of the tiny group of people trying to use gmail through Konqueror won't mind too much and just use Mozilla till things are fixed. :)

Anonymous said...

ah ha! I use konqueror with gmail because it's fastest. hopefully things will improve

- jago25 at hotmail (! :D) .com

KDS said...

I was told that Konqueror's javascript was not the cause. Its the XMLHTTPRequest function which is not implemented in Knoqueror. Is it a standard javscript function? It uses XAML!!

Anyway, Konqueror in 3.4 is the browser which conforms to CSS2.1 fully ;)