28 June 2006

Mumbling....Mac OS X...grrr

Mac OS X got upgraded to 10.4.7 today. The update page starts with the text "Meet the world's most advanced operating system. Again. Instantly find what you’re looking for. Get information in an instant ....". I have been trying to get the inbuilt clock to show the time in 24hr format (in window mode and not in menubar on top right). And this most advanced OS can't do the simple job of showing me time in 24hr. If I check the Use 24hr clock option not only it continues to show time in 12hr format, but the option to show the AM/PM indicators is also available!

I don't know how they rated OS X as the most advanced OS but I do know that my Linux box has no problem showing time in 24hr format and neither does the lame Windoze XP! Apple, should I expect a 10.4.8 update to get this easy functionality in OS X?


R.J. Keller said...

Kamal, I thought you were a debian person :P. You need to upgrade to Windows XP.

KDS said...

Still am a debianista. But its only when you use Windows and/or Mac after using Linux that you know the real meaning of free. The choices of softwares available from debian in a way spoils users ;)