4 July 2006

Skype misleads

Skype as you most probably know is a software which offers voice over IP communication along with an instant messaging feature. Skype has improved a lot with additional features such as video chat being introduced in the Windows version. However, they seem to have forgotten the Linux user base. The last public release version ( was released on 25th October 2005!

That aside I was surprised to see that Skype website indicates that version 2.5 is available for download without any indication of the operating system required. Apparently, version 2.5 is only for Windows® whereas versions for OS X and Linux fall far behind. It is only when you click the "Download" button on the main page that you realise that Skype for Linux is version (and a very late beta) and version for OS X.

Skype website sniffs the operating system that the visitor's computer is using and then redirects to the appropriate download page. This sniffing process should have been done on the main page so that appropriate information regarding the version available for the visitor's PC's OS is displayed. Displaying version as 2.5 without checking if that is available for that system is misleading the users. Mozilla.com website does this kind of sniffing efficiently and gives you an appropriate link for the version your OS needs. It looks like everyone at Skype is busy enhancing the application for Windows users without caring much for OSX and Linux userbase or even the website for those users!!

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