14 July 2006


After reading the apple-tip about making your macbook* go to sleep the fastest way, I thought why not document the various methods of getting macbook* to sleep. They are listed below:

  • Click on apple icon in menu bar, choose sleep.
  • apple tip: Command+Option and hold Eject button for 2seconds.
  • my tip: Control+Eject, choose Sleep (or restart or just shutdown).

Enjoy the sleeping...zzzZZZZ

PS: macbook* = macbook or macbook pro


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. You're pretty high up on google for the term "macbook sleep" fyi.

KDS said...

Hmm... yes indeed! Thanks for the info.

The above tip is the one I really like as it is easily accessible via the keyboard and gives all the options: sleep, shutdown or restart.