5 July 2006

France to see Italy

Just finished watching the wonderful semi-final game between France and Portugal. France won 1 - 0. Had it not been the foul inside the penalty area by Portugal the match might have gone to extra time. France now meets Italy in the final on Sunday.

Although Portugal was the losing team, France didn't win convincingly. Portugal played better than France overall. Their passing skills were great and they were able to create attacks by stealing the ball from the French. C. Ronaldo tried his best, but I don't know how much he could have done with 3 defenders on him almost all the time. Miguel's loss was bad luck for Protugal, but I think sending Simao in earlier could have helped taking off pressure and defenders off Ronaldo. I don't know how but when Ronaldo took the free kick in the second half, I had a feeling he was going to "Bend it like Beckham". It was a wonderful kick which dropped suddenly and caught Barthez with a bit of surprise.

Overall Portugal seemed to be the better side but had a unlucky day. The match was more or less a fair game with only two yellow cards. France played well but the onus goes to the defenders who kept the Portugese at a distance. Now they meet Italy in the Final on Sunday. But hey, don't forget the interesting game between Germany and Portugal for the 3rd position.


KDS said...

PS: Never ever combine Football with Nachos, Pizza, and Sprite!
PPS: Football = Soccer (for the non-enlightened)

marine_haizhen said...

pourquoi pas une telle combinaison????! ;-)
where are you going to watch the final match???!

KDS said...

parce que les jalapenos brûlent jusqu'le le jour suivant, et fromage.
sharx, sous-sol @ 13:15hrs