16 July 2006

Update: Skype Misleads

Recently I had posted about Skype home page to be a little misleading for non-windows users, espeically Linux. I don't know if they saw that post or were awaken by someone else or even just realised their own goof up but their main page now shows a link for downloading a Linux version when visiting their website using Linux. Great work, whoever did that.

That aside, they need to get their main page a little bit of more scripting to filter out information for Linux users. Why do I say this? Because the main page showed said that I could call anyone in the UK using Skype(free for the 15 and 16 July). But the Linux version link they provide does not do that! It can't even be used to call anyone in the North America which has been free for a while and will be so till end 2006. So the kind soul who updated the main page for Linux users has some more work to do.

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