6 January 2007

Testing 1...2....3

Testing the move to new blogger beta .

Update: I need to redo the template to make use of features from the new version of blogger.


marine_haizhen said...

did you finally switch? what are the new features? i don't know them!!! do you know how to have a mosaic of the pictures?!!

KDS said...

Features, hmm.... I was longing for the labels for a long time. Then there is the privacy feature where you can set who can view a blog entry. They also have comment feeds now. Plus the archive list is collapsable like the one you have on your blog. I like that :)

Mosaic of pictures? Don't know if blogger can do that, but I did see someone who had a small mosaic of his flickr images. They were changing too. Do you use flickr?

But if you want to make a mosaic of pictures, send me the images, and I will make it for you - it is just a single command in Linux.