8 July 2008

Is Rogers Playing Dumb?

Rogers senior VP (Regulatory Affairs) Ken Engelhart seems to think that public is dumb and will believe whatever the telecom companies say. However, little does he know that it is he who is being projected highly paid dumb management employee when he makes statements like:

"Of course, because some P2P applications (BitTorrent for example) restrict download speed to the maximum upload speed provided by the user, a customer’s P2P download speed can be limited by the upstream cap, but that is a result of the business decision taken by the P2P applications provider"

Even a newly initiated person who uses a bittorrent application knows that it isn't true. Moreover, if there is an application which does that (BitTorrent for example, as he says), there are several others available freely to everyone which work as they should i.e. down and up stream bandwidths are not dependent on each other. I myself download Ubuntu every time they release a new version, and my download speed does not decrease irrespective of how low the upload I keep.

And earlier Bell was complaining that P2P users were eating up most of its bandwidth and when CRTC asked for explanations and proofs of the statement, it was just a fluke as P2P was hardly using up 5% of their bandwidth (and that is at peaks and not sustained usage).

This shows that these big telecom companies lie and mislead their consumers to achieve their ulterior motives. It is the consumer's own responsibility to stay informed and fight against unlawful rules being imposed by the big telecos. Go head over to netneutrality.ca and help keep the internet a neutral territory as it should be.

Net Neutrality Canada - Neutrality.ca

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