9 July 2008

We can now eat YELLOW Margarine

So the 21 year old margarine law in Quebec is all set to be changed with the provincial cabinet agreeing to change the law. Margarine in Quebec will soon be available in the same colour as it is in the rest of Canada and the World (unless someone repeals the decision!).

But the important question is: Will the government be willing to educate the masses that the two yellow milk products are different? One is their protected butter and the other is coloured margarine. One of the excuses given for non-coloured margarine was that people would be confused if margarine was of the same colour as of butter!

What I see here is either the dairy lobby noticed that colouring margarine won't affect their butter sales or that Quebec's population has matured enough to be able to distinguish between butter and yellow margarine. Either way, taste of margarine, whether coloured or not, is going to be the same and butter will always taste better than margarine :)

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