2 July 2005

At what age do you start running?

I have heard that doctors say that before you start any serious exercise schedule and if you are over 30, you should get a complete medical checkup. Well, thats allright. But I want to know what tests or precautions they recommend for someone who plans to take up a career in running at the age of 81!

Surprised! Yes, this is what Fauja Singh did. His profile:

  • Profession before age 81: Farmer in Punjab India.
  • Profession after age 81: Running!
  • Presently: at age 94, he is still running and has ran several marathons in the UK, US, and Canada.
  • Saturday, 2 July 2005 he will attempt running several lengths of track to make various records.

For more details click here and here. I feel so embarassed as I haven't ran in a while or even played soccer :(

Photo courtsey BBC

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