17 July 2005

Server back online

This is just to let everyone who tried reaching the few webpages on my website that the webserver is back online. The cause was an apt-get command which uninstalled several thing from my Debian box. The Unstable is in a pretty bad shape these days due to the x.org transition, and the ABI change. It may stay like this with the upgrade of KDE3.4 in next few weeks.

The result of the accidental apt-get was that I had to reinstall the system due to multiple problems which were created. The install took longer than expected due other commitments during that time. Presently, the webserver is up and running as it was earlier. Even googlebot and msnbot have visited the website atleast once after the upgrade.

It is possible that there might be some downtimes in the coming couple of weeks as there are still problems installing KDE, sound doesn't work, and can't get nvidia drivers to work with xorg.

PS: Anyway, the upgrade gave me a clean install of x.org, which looks cool and a little faster than XFree86 even if its running with nvu drivers.

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