24 July 2005

Bad Luck :(

Just yesterday I connected two monitors to my Nvidia FX 5700LE video card. After hacking my xorg.conf for straight 3hrs I was finally able to make both of them work on my Debian box. I was very satisfied to get two X screens in front of me with independent resolutions and more workspace.

Unfortunately, my Sony CPD E200 monitor has started acting up in a very annoying way. Randomly, some coil starts resonating at a high pitch which is very annoying when you are sitting in front of the monitor. Also, due to the resonating coil the image displayed on the screen has hundreds of horizontal lines :(

I don't want to loose my Sony monitor as its the only one which gives me a 1600x1400 resolution and I can't afford to buy a new one!! Just keeping my fingers crossed.

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