25 July 2005

Fireworks - Canada

Allright, I confess that I missed Portugal's display on 20th July. I was feeling a bit lazy and there was no one to accompany me.

Last saturday, it was Canada. Right before 22:00hrs the countdown started, 5...4...3...2...1... and nothing happened! They took about a minute to start their thing. They had a really nice start, with an impressive commentary. I got only some parts fo the commentary as it was in French, but I got the jist. Canada had some really big, noisy and beautiful fireworks in the beginning but later it was almost routine. They did start with simple stuff for every song, but impressed just before they finished the song. Although end-of-song displays were good, they should have been much better.

The finalé wasn't that good either. They kind of elongated it a lot with very less color and sparkles. I wonder if I got any good shots that night! All in all, I wasn't impressed by their display. They had actually raised my hopes with the fantastic start but they didn't live up to my expectations.

For me its still either the Czech Republic or Argentina for the top (assuming Portugal didn't do as well). Wednesday, its the U.S.ofA. Lets see how they perform this time.

PS: Yes, uploading pics is pending for Spain, Czech Republic, and now Canada. Don't worry they will be here soon :)

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marine_haizhen said...

you didn't call me!!! :(
Shame on you :) you could've met some nice friends from Scotland/England!!!