28 July 2005


Today some telemarketer company called up to sell me a cellular phone. Below is how the conversation went:

  • Ring Ring....
  • me: Hello
  • caller: Bonjour
  • me: Bonjour
  • caller: Mon nom est Catharine.
  • me: OK!
  • catharine: I'm calling from xxxxxxx communications
  • me: How can I help you?
  • catharine: We have selected your phone number from a list to give you a free cell phone.
  • me: I can't afford one.
  • catharine: Ok. Thank you and have a nice day.
  • me: Thanks!

She was offering me a free cell phone and I said I couldn't afford one! Ha Haa. The surprising thing was that she believed me!

1 comment:

marine_haizhen said...

how could you turn down a gril???
you are such a good liar .. *sigh* :)